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What problems face Indians when they get services from non-indian freelance marketplace?

Indians who get services from non-Indian Freelance marketplace may face several challenges or problems, including:

  1. Language barrier: Indians who are not fluent in English may face difficulty communicating with freelancers who are not familiar with Indian languages.
  2. Payment issues: Some freelancers may not accept Indian payment methods or may charge extra fees for Indian payment gateways. This can make the payment process complicated and time-consuming.
  3. Cultural differences: Cultural differences can create misunderstandings between the client and the freelancer, leading to conflicts or dissatisfaction with the work.
  4. Quality issues: Some freelancers may provide low-quality work or fail to meet the client’s expectations, leading to disputes and wasted time and money.
  5. Time zone differences: Working with freelancers in different time zones can make it challenging to coordinate deadlines and communication.
  6. Lack of trust: Due to the anonymity of online platforms, some Indians may be hesitant to work with freelancers they don’t know, leading to a lack of trust and hesitation to share sensitive information.

It’s important to research and carefully select freelancers to avoid these problems and ensure a smooth collaboration.


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